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Why when you are doing stuff that you don't know how to do looks so difficult at the beginning. I know the basics, you have to practice and learn new tricks, but what if it is only a temporary activity, and I don't want to be a profy. I'm in the middle of remodeling my bedroom. I like to do things by myself and it's my weak point. Recently I learned how to install a crown moulding.

beware, my name is changing

Last night we kind of failed in our attempts to change our phone number. SBC was adamant, they threatened to unplug the line of we switch to Earthlink DSL and voice.

Still, anabashed, today I was resolute to start the legal process of my name change. I do not use my official legal name. So I found the site where they have all the forms, to fill and to bring to the court.

The forms were in PDF; it was my first experience in filling pdf forms on a computer, and I'm impressed. It's cool. I have to learn how to do it by myself, creating such forms. Very impressed. More, the forms remembered the values I entered, so that the umpth time I enter my long legal name, I could just choose from the dropdown list.

It is too late, and I am still at work. I hate Fridays. I mean it. I hate Fridays.

Winter Olympic Games

For my 105 graphic design class we've got this subject for all 4 projects. I kind of feel stupid; I didn't even know that we had Olympic Games this year. Ignorance is not a crime, but a way to drag yourself through life. And this is not a statement, it's only a way to cover my embarrassment.

I was thinking tonight about Olympic Games - they are not friendly gatherings, no, it's a battle, a war, and a way to show off. Now I have to design a map, a visual panel, a brochure and a 3D model.